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Blue seal and lemonica in Miyakojima ! Best combinaison ever !

Hello this is Florian

Summer is here and I will introduce you to the best way to enjoy it.

On the south of Japan there is Okinawa island and a little south of it there is an even smaller island named Miyakojima.

You can access it from Tokyo or Osaka by plane, easy to go!

This island is so beautiful. The beaches are amazing. You can enjoy diving with fish, sea turtle, jet ski or just relax on the sand.

Before all that there are new shops that open in Palm Town, palm town you know? A new famous area in Miyakojima with hotels, and shops like shiro kuma cafe, from the japanese anime ! This thema cafe where you can eat some cute meals.

Next to that you have the newly open Lemonica, where you guess it, you can buy amazing lemonde! Take out your drink to the beach that is just a few minutes walk !

Connected to lemonica you have the blue seal shop, the ice cream company famous and from Okinawa prefecture !

I recommend the Okinawa salt cookie and the Mango Tango ! It was so good that I also sent a box to my home.

The shop design is also amazing, you feel like you are in disneyland, kids were so happy there.

The location of the shops are here :

〒906-0015 沖縄県宮古島市平良久貝 654-23パームタウン内

Make sure to save this one, you wont regret it !





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