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【The beauty of kyoto in my eyes】

1.Amazing Kyoto, A 1000 Gates Shrine

Hello everyone, and hopefully you’re having a good time anywhere in the world you are

I want to share with you my experience here in Kyoto

2. Kyoto Prefecture is one of the best sightseeing spots in Japan located in the Kinki region. It is possible to enjoy Japanese culture from the streets, temples, geisha, and local food.

3.Higashi Honganji, or the Eastern Temple of the Original Vow. Less than a 10 minute walk away from JR Kyoto station.Higashi Honganji is full of history and is a cultural and spiritual

center for Kyoto and Japan as a whole. I think many people walk by this structure without much thought because there are many more famous sites in Kyoto. In fact, I walked by it several times from my hotel to the train station, so I eventually decided to take a look inside. There are large open areas inside the temple walls and the buildings are huge.

You can easily see how much influence and power this Buddhist sect has to build such a monument. I found walking around very peaceful and a bit of an escape from the busy streets right outside the temple walls.





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